© May Recordings 2012 Back to Top    Site Map Sonartek & Andrea Landi Koma After their release with Louis Langone, applied Niki and Sander with Andrea Landi a new destination. They deny the door of the minimalists and bring every track to a point of danceability. Tracklisting Sonartek & Andrea Landi - Koma Sonartek & Andrea Landi - Oh Oh Sonartek, Andrea Landi &  Francesco Passantino - Riflettendo Release Date: 3th August 2012
Various Artists The Artist Case The Artist Case review with tracks by Mirabelli,   Louis Langone & Sonartek, Jacopo Corazza.   Fapples, Phil Dbit & Sebastiano Sedda, Simon Pauls, Jonas Saalbach, Ego Valente and Franz Furxhiu e   Andrea Guaraldo.  Tracklisting:  01 Louis Langone & Sonartek - Take Over (Sonartek Mix)  02 Jonas Saalbach - Good Night Barcelona  03 Simon Pauls feat. G.M. - Lights Of City 04 Mirabelli - Green House  05 Jacopo Corazza feat. Rodrigo Defensor - Colombia   (Wigbert's Smooth Remix)  06 Ego Valente - Yeah (La Roca Remix) 07 Phil D'bit & Sebastiano Sedda - I Want It  08 Franz Furxhiu e Andrea Guaraldo - Oh Oh  09 Simon Pauls - Cierra Los Ojos  10 Jacopo Corazza feat. Rodrigo Defensor - Colombia   (Dub Mix)  11 Fapples - Replicanto (Kloppenburg Remix)  buy buy